Inviting readers to write in to a new website is a bit like inviting the general public to some event where you can just turn up at the door without prior notice. Anyone who has ever risked it will be aware of vacillating between the nightmare of only six people turning up and the one of furious visitors being turned away. Fearing the latter rather more than the former, (since who will know if nobody writes in?) I want to make sure that any messages you choose to send are dealt with efficiently; not lost in the welter of mail we all receive these days. I therefore ask you to use the pro forma below which is forwarded to a dedicated address. This should certainly avoid the problems Sam Beeton complained of!

Privacy Policy

I care about my own privacy when using the web, and I therefore respect that of my readers. I do not pass on email addresses to third parties. Readers' letters, and extracts which are published, will be signed only by initials or pseudonym, unless the writer signifies consent. and addresses will be restricted to city (or county/state) and country. (Note that you do not need to include a zip code.) Please sign your comment with a pseudonym or initials only if you would like that be used in the event of publication here. Should you prefer your comment not to be used please head your comment:
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